The air we breath indoors is filled with airborne microbes (allergens, bacteria and mold), originating in HVAC systems.


Every object we touch, we leave our microbes and  collect others.


Indoor surfaces around us are overwhelmed with allergens and pathogens that adversely affect our health and well-being.

Who we are

We are the first probiotic purifier

Since 2014, betterair has been the pioneer and market leader of the microbial bio-security arena, providing the only comprehensive solution that protects our surfaces, objects and air of our indoors. betterair is  harnessing the benefits of EnviroBiotics® to restore the ecological balance of our indoor spaces in a safe, simple and natural way, creating a healthy indoor environment free of pathogens and allergens.

Probiotic Air Systems

The Science
Behind Better Air

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of all natural probiotics. Our systems help turn your home into a hypo-allergenic safe zone free from organic irritants.

Unique Features

  • Dramatic reduction of allergens.

  • Elimination of bad odor generated by pathogenic bacteria, and mold activity.

  • An overall decrease in harmful pathogen survival.

  • Restoration of fresh air without harmful chemicals.

  • Safely nourishes indoor air objects and surfaces

  • Purifies the air

  • Penetrates objects and surfaces

  • Automatic and continuous cleaning of air ducts

  • Depletes resources of microbial pathogens and allergens

  • Safely diminishes discoloration and malodours associated with microbial contamination

Live Comfortably, Breathe Freely

Our research team has identified and formulated the most beneficial strains of probiotics (known as Envirobiotics™) to balance the indoor environment.

BA 1200

The BA-1200 is the industrial line’s compact device. A programmable, automated device that utilizes sensors-based algorithm to ensure an optimal distribution of Enviro-Biotics® via HVACs.

Our patented design provides an in-depth microbial bio-cleansing highly contaminated HVAC ducts, transforming HVACs from being the main contributor of Building Related Illness (BRI) to an effective method of spreading Enviro-Biotics® that purifies entire facilities.
The BA-1200 is built with a robust metal chassis. The installation is easy and quick, providing ideal coverage to small-medium size facilities. The BA-1200  cover an area of up to 1250 sqm.  (13,000 sqf.), using a 500 ml (17 oz) bottle of Enviro-Biotics®

Dimensions:  L 18 x H 39 x W 13 cm (7 X 15 X 5 Inch)


The BA-500 is robustly designed for large indoor spaces without HVACS. The BA-500 is an automated, programmable device, providing  the flexibility and efficiently to meet industrial standards for dynamic environments.

The BA-500 covers an area of up to 325 sqm. (3500sqf.),

Dimensions: L 18 x H 34 x W 13 cm (7 X 13 X 5 Inch)

biotica800_1000x1000-1 (1)


The Biotica800 is designed as a central automated misting Enviro-Biotics® device at your home and office.

It is recommended to place the Biotica800 in common areas such as living rooms, reception areas and lofts. It may be placed either as a stand-alone unit on a table top or be mounted on a wall.

The device contains a 105 ml (3.55 oz) Enviro-Biotics® cartridge,  that covers an area of up to 75 sqm (800 sqf.) to last approximately 90 days of continuous operation.

Refill cartridges may be purchased online and at your local distributer.

Dimensions:  L 25 x H 10 x W 5 cm (10 X 3.8 X 2 Inch)
Weight: 845 gr. (1.86 lb.).


Our products diffuse patented Environmental Probiotics (Enviro-biotics™) into the air within virtually any indoor space. Enviro-bioticsTM purify the air, surfaces and can even penetrate hard to reach areas such as carpets, mattresses, ductwork, your computer keyboard et al.

Our patented technology cover areas as small as your personal space to the largest building.

No matter where you are, BetterAir can reset and rebalance your indoor ecology.

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THE solution for all indoor pathogens, both airborne and surface feeding

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